City - Private Joy

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City - Private Joy (text piesne)

text: Martin Lačný
hudba: Igor Cpin

I got you, you got me now,
I used to know that feeling
Spinnin` `round and `round.

Once I`ve met you out there,
Somewhere in that town.
It didn`t last a moment
I`m crumbled to the ground.

A perfect destruction
Is what you did to me.
I`m lyin` in the dirt now,
See my body bleed!

I don`t know,
If I wanna play with you.
You`re my love,
You`re my deadly toy that kills,
My private joy...

- - -

Appetitus tendit in appetibile realiter
Consequendum ut sit ibi finis motus...
Amor facit quod ipsae res quae amantur,
Amanti aliquo modo uniantur
Et amor est magis cognitivus quam cognitio...
(T. Aquinus)

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