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Interpret: Clay Walker

Clay Walker - Bury The Shovel (akordy)

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Got a longE7 list of things to do
It begins and ends with gettin' over you
I can't A quit 'til I'm through
I getE7 up with the sun and go down with the moon
C Pain aB7 nd tE7 ears, can't be aC ll tB7 here E7 is
C Is it any wB7 onder I'm fG eeling six feet uA nder
E7 Baby you're nothing but too much trouble
Gotta bury this love and bury the shovel
Gonna dig me a E7 hole and make it deep
Gonna lay down what's left of us and then put this thing to sleep
Let my A soul rest in peace
Gotta E7 nail down the lid on these stone cold memories
Instrumental: E7 A E7 A B7
Outro: E7

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