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Clay Walker - Where Were You (akordy)

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D A D A D A D D I used to wake up nightsA
D Callin out your nameA
D Then I d cry myself back to sleepA
D Knowing I d only dreamedA
D I stayed inside for daysA
D Trapped within my mindA
D Wounderin where you had goneA
D Convinced I could not go onA
D Now just when I started feelingA
D Those hands of time start to healingA
D You re here at my doorA
D Saying your new dreamsA
D Had led you back to meA
D Where were you
When I was going crazy
A Where were you
Did you know what your leavin
D Put me through
You were feeling lost, last thing I knewA
D You went off to find yourselfA D
Where were you
I can t pretend I m strong
Or act like I don t care
But I won t betray my heart
Now that we ve come this far
I let you go cause I had to
I ll close this door cause I need to
This tunnel has a light
It s not that far away
It s brighter every day

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