Debbi - Igloo

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Debbi - Igloo (text piesne)

Would you build me up by brick
Make me a place my heart can sit
Could you help me make it true
´Couse these exit wounds take time to heal
it´s hard to know when someones real
When it´s lies and when it´s true
But i´ve frozzen out the hurt and pain
Wanna feel the warm sun again
Put my trust in you. You can be my igloo
When it´s cold outside, and my heart is ice
My igloo, you can shelter me and You can be
My igloo, you, baby you can be baby you can be
My igloo, baby you can be baby you can be My igloo
I hear the echoes ring my head
I was so torn up by the things he said
but you make the cruel words fade away
I could barely walk in the bloodstained snow
couldn´t even see which way to go
Didn´t think I´d make another day
you anaesatized the hurt and pain
You´ve brought the feeling back again
feel the heat come though
You can be my igloo...
And I´ve been counting down the days
Trying to mend a damaged heard
As the pain starts to melt away
And I know, you´ll always be my igloo
You can be my igloo...

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