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Interpret: Doug Sahm

Doug Sahm - At The Crossroads-crd (akordy)

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E Leaving you girl D heading A down the rE oadEsus
E You left me many burdens D such a A heavy E loadEsus
And it sure does B wig me out when I A think about
What went E dowEsus nE
E Crossroads D of my A life was E herEsus eE
E When a phase can D begin to A wreck your E life
Roll on tB hru my mind
Till I A have the time to concentrate on E youEsus E
E You can A teach me lots of lessons
You can E bring me lots of gold
But you jA ust can't live in Texas
If you E don't have lots of B soul
E Leaving you girl D for the A very last E timeEsus E
E Leaving you girl D really A blown your E mind
And where your B living now
You are A finding out how the other half E liveEsus sE
From The Mendocino LP
Smash Records 1969
Southern Love Music(BMI)

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