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Doug Sahm - Sundy Sunny Mill Valley Groove Day (akordy)

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When there's notC hing left to sayE
And all the clouF ds, have fade awC ay
And my mC ind wandG/B ers out AM there ‘cross theC/G bay D7 G7
Just to C be there in te mE orning
With sunF coming through the treeFM6 s
Well you know thC ere's no other place I rather be G G7
C Sunday sunny milCmaj7 l valley groove day F E7 DM A7
DM You can feel the maBB gic in the aiG r
G7 And when it's ovC er and the cloveE r has left the mountain AM side C7
You'll be kinF g oG f what you'll suC rvive
La la la la la lDM a la
La la la la la lAB a la
La la laG laaa G7
Sunday sunny millvalley groove day
You will have a wonderfull morning there
And when it's over and the clover has left mountain side
You'll be king of what you'll survive
La la la la la lDM a la
Ab (fade out)
La la la la la la la
Words & Music By Doug Sahm

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