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Dwight Yoakam - Two Doors Down-crd (akordy)

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Two dG oors down there's a jD ukebox
that G plays all night long
real C sad songs
all about me and yG ouC G
two doors G down there's a D barmaid
that G serves 'em real strong
here A7 lately that's how I make it tD hrough
Two doors G down there's a D heartache
That G once was my fC rienG dC
Two G doors down there's a memory
That wD on't every eG nd
Two G doors down there's a D barstool
That G knows me by name
and we sC it there together
and wait for G youC G
Two doors G down there's a D bottle
where I G take out my shame
and hold it A7 up
For the whole world to D view
Two doors G down there's a D pay phone
but G no calls come C inG C
Two doors dG own there's a memory
That D won't ever G end
From the C hotel to the barroom
is just a G stumble and a fall
and G sometimes when it gets bad
I've been known to cD rawl
G Freedom from B7 sorrow
is just C two doors aG way
i'll G escape for a short time
but I D know I can't stay
Two G doors down is where they'll D find me
when G you're finally through
C taking what's left of my G lifeC G
Two doors G down is where they'll D leave me
when G payment come due
for the A7 hours I've spent there each D night
Two doors G down I'll be fD orgotten
G but until C then
Two doors G down there's a memory
that D won't every C endG

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