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Dwight Yoakam - Youre The One-crd (akordy)

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G You're the one, G/F# you're the one that made me C cry
AM You're the one that D laughted at me then G said goodbye
G You're the one, G/F# you're the one that made me C blue
AM So how's it feel now that D you're the one its G happened to
G Now you're back C calling me with D open arms
G What happened to the one you C met with D all that charm
EM You say he's gone and you're EM/EB alone, well EM7 that's a shameA
But if you AM think real hard, I know you'll see
Just D who's to blame
G You're begging me to C think about the D love we shared
G Yet it seems to me not C too long ago, you D didn't care
EM The love you left no EM/EB longer lives within my EM7 heartA
The AM game you played, so recklessly, D tore it apart
(Chorus & Tag)

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