Eels: Akordy k piesni A Daisy Through Concrete

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Eels - A Daisy Through Concrete (akordy)

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3 3
E Wake up the D dying, don't A wake up the D dead
E Change what you're D saying, don't A change what you've D said
E Now that it's D time that I A got out of D bed
When I'll A walk myE self down G Sycamore D Street
The A sun beats E down, no G shoes on my D feet
And I A stumble E on, a B daisy through conE crete D E D
E Pink and brown D babies in A pink stroller D cars,
E Know that it's D good, they don't A care where they D are
E They know that D home doesn't A feel very D far
(INSTRUMENTAL - same chord pattern as Chorus)
E Airplane is D flyin' A up in the D sky
E Makin' a D pattern A with the white D lines
E Looks like a D heart or A maybe a D pie
(E D A D ) Repeat & out

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