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Eels - Bad News (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

F Guess I'm dC oing someG thing wrF ong
Never feel right in these shoes
Pocket full of matches and a head full of flame
I've got to warn you that I'm bad news
Am C/B C C/B x2
F She tucks me C in and tG hen she scrF eams
One day you will have to choose
Either take care of me or take care of you
And don't pretend your not bad news
F Come on nC ow I'll tG ake you hF ome
You have got nothing to lose
But stick around long enough and you'll find out
I am nothing but bad news
F You can nC ever change whG ere your F from
No matter I will accuse
Gonna get with a better life
And one day I won't be bad news
AM It's the C/B same everyC day when I wakeC/B up
It's the same in the way that you gave me up
IF n the middle of a sC wan dive G F
F And I was soC aring down
G Perfect and sF low.
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Callum Innes

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