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Eels - From Which I Came A Magic World (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

F Em 133211 022000
Am x02210
Normal tuning, Capo 3rd
G Csus G Csus
G Ten pounds and a C heCsus ad of hair
G Came into withC ouCsus t a care
F What they thought were C cries, were little lauEM ghs
F Only looking fC orward and movingEM fasG t
C The little G bundle had aAM rrived
F C C Csus (break)
And i was happy to be alive
In a magic G worldC Csus G C Csus
G Long days and C drCsus eaming nights
G Wide eyes take in C alCsus l the sights
F A little wonder C goes a long, long EM way
F Learning where to C go and what toEM say G
C Say helG lo to your new AM son
F C Csus (break)
Well he sure is having fun
In a magic G world C Csus G C Csus
repeat VERSE
C Every mG oment's built to AM last
F C Csus (break)
When you're living without a past
In a magic G world C Csus G C Csus
G C Csus G C Csus
That's it, beautiful song from an almost perfect album. Please send corrections to

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