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Eels - Mr. E's Beautiful Blues (akordy)

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The smokG estack is spC itting black D soot into theC sunny skyG C D C
The loG ad on the C road brings a teD ar to the IC ndian's eyG eC D C
The G Elephant C won't forget wD hat it's like insC ide his cG ageC D C
The G Ringmaster's TC elecaster D sings on an C empty stG ageC D C
G C D C Uhuh
G God damn rC ight it's a beD autiful C day Ahah
G God damn rC ight it's a beD autiful C day Ahah
G (Ooo C oh) D C
The girl with the curls and the sweet big ribbon in her hair
She's crawled out the window 'cause her daddy just don't care
G (Come on C !) D C
The clown with the frown driving down to the sidewalk fair
Finger on the trigger I tell you he is quite a scare
G C D UC huh
G C D C (2x)
The kids lift their lids when their ids hear that crazy
Their neighbour digs the flavour still he's moving to another
(G spoken C - and i D don't beC lieve he'll come back)
G C D C (falsetto)
And I don't know how you're taking all the shit you see
You don't believe anyone but most of all don't believe me
Refrain (2x)
Believe you
G C D C(repeat and fade)

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