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Never turn back

Egon - Never turn back

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Egon - Never turn back (text piesne)

Never turn back!
by egon

Never turn back! Never turn back!
Never turn back! Never turn back!

Never turn back, drop your weapon and ask your self!
Go ahead! Go ahead! Go all lengths!

Try so hard an’ then you will be successful.
Definitely gonna be on the of the world!

Lately you had a few bad times but now you are turning a new page.
You don’t fall. You don’t fall.

Something’s breathing and whispering into your ear.
Danger is knocking inside of your fear.

What you wanna be and what you gonna feel?
What you wanna see and what you gonna give to me?

Hide you creature, hide you beast!
Hide you creature, hide you beast and break that horse.

All, all those demons are gone now.
New morning kisses all around and just the music makes sound.

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