Fates Warning: Akordy k piesni San Francisco Girls

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Fates Warning - San Francisco Girls (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

(Scott Holtzman - Vivian Holtzman - Michael Knust )
harpsichord arr. for guitar 2X; faster second time
v v v v v v v v

2: Cause OA ut there it's sG ummertime
A Milk and honey dC ays
A Oh, San Francisco gG irls with
A San Francisco wEM ays A
fuzz guitar 4X; faster eacb time
A v v v v v v v v

^^ 13 only
harpsichord arr. for gtr ENTERS 2ND TIMEDOUBLING FUZZ GUITAR

v v v v v v v v

^^ 3 only

2: to coda
DA on't try to sC top me girl, G/B you can't hD ave your wA ay
DA on't try to sC top me girl, G/B nothin' yD ou can sA ay
LA ive like you wC anna live and G/B stay where you wD anna A stay
A I just gotta G go and gD et back C E7 to the BA ay

So you love me girl, you're just in my way
Don't try to stop me girl, I'm movin' out today
Do what you wanna do and play what you wanna play
I just gotta go and get back to the Bay

Guitar solo (16 bars over A):
C [N.C.]
v v v v

repeat from start of verse
At least two fuzz guitars: one sustains a G and bends it up to A
at the end; another sustains a pre-bent B and releases it down
to A; and there may be a third one sustaining an A throughout.
Far out, maaaaaannnn...
guitar 1:
(A) [N.C.]


guitar 2:
(A) [N.C.]


^^ pre-bent
repeat verse (instrumental); fade
-- another ace 60's tab from Andrew Rogers

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