Feeder: Akordy k piesni Just The Way Im Feelin

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Interpret: Feeder

Feeder - Just The Way Im Feelin (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

BM7 Love in, LoDsus2 ve out
DSUS2/G Find a feelingBM7 Dsus2 DSUS2/G
BM7 Screaming, sDsus2 cream out
DSUS2/G Time for healingBM7 Dsus2 DSUS2/G
BM7 You feel theDsus2 moments gDSUS2/G one too soonBM7 Dsus2 DSUS2/G
BM7 Your watchiDsus2 ng clouds DSUS2/G come over yoBM7 uDsus2 DSUS2/G
D/F# Torn in twoDSUS2/G
BM7 You close your eyeDSUS2/G s for someplace nD/F# ew
Torn in twoDSUS2/G
Asus4 And i feelBM7 its going downDSUS2/G
D/F# Ten feet below thAsus4 e ground
Im waiBM7 ting for your healDSUS2/G ing hands
one tD/F# ouch could bring me rounAsus4 d
And i BM7 feel its going doDSUS2/G wn
Ten feD/F# et below the grounAsus4 d
it's jBM7 ust the way iDSUS2/G m feelingD/F#
BM7 Glowing, BuDsus2 rn out
DSUS2/G Lost the feeliBM7 ngDsus2 DSUS2/G
BM7 Bruising, Dsus2 Bruise out
DSUS2/G Missed the bleeBM7 dingDsus2 DSUS2/G
D/F# Torn in twoDSUS2/G
BM7 Each time we bDSUS2/G ruise
BM7 Two dAsus4 ifferent viewsDSUS2/G
As words confAsus4 use BM7 and bDSUS2/G reak
BM7 I cant Asus4 get oDSUS2/G ut
D/F# theres no way EM outD/F# of herDSUS2/G e
Asus4 I cant get BM7 clearDSUS2/G

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