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Firehouse - You Are My Forever (akordy)

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G I've lost my faith in everythinEM7 g
I couldn't believe in anythinCadd9 g
Until I D put my faith in yoG u Cadd9 D
G Is it a sin is it a crimeEM7
To worship somebody all of the time, anytCadd9 ime
I would do D anything for yoG u Cadd9 D
EM I found my heaven
Cadd9 Right here with you
EM Believe in me forever
I belieD ve in you (and I mean)
G Not just on SundayAM7
Cadd9 I love you aDsus4 ny dayD aDsus2 nd
G I fall to myAM7 knees
Cadd9 Every nDsus4 ight ID pray Dsus2 since
G You've come and take me AM7
Cadd9 For all eDsus2 ternitD y Dsus4
EM (Forgive me for the D things that I have Cadd9 done)
EM In the name of the D Father and the SCadd9 on
AM7 You are mD y religioG n
EM7 Oooh woo
2nd Verse:
G I wasn't looking for a miraclEM7 e
Didn't think that love was possiCadd9 ble
But your D love had made me whoG le Cadd9 D
G And I pray that this will never eEM7 nd
You are my lover, my best friCadd9 end
You took me D in and saved my soG ul Cadd9 D
Solo: G Em7 Cadd9 D G Cadd9 D
EM7 Cadd9 EM Cadd9 D
Outro: G Em7 G Em7.... To fade....
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