Frank Zappa: Akordy k piesni Absolutely Free

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Dĺžka piesne: 03:24

Frank Zappa - Absolutely Free (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

F Discorporate and GM come with me
F Shifting, drifting, CM cloudless, starless
AB Velvet Db valleys EB and a GM sapphire F sea (F wah EB wah)
F Unbind your mind, GM there is no time
F To lick your stamps and CM paste them in
AB DiscorporDb ate, and EB we GM will F begin (F wah EB wah--Flower Power Sucks)
F Diamonds on GM velvets on F goldens on GM vixen
On F comet and GM cupid on F donner and GM blitzen
On F up and GM away and F afar and a GM go-go
F Gm F G (major)
Escape from the weight of your corporate logo!
C A D B E*

To lick your stamps and paste them in

Discorporate, and we'll begin

G Freedom! F Freedom! G Kindly F Loving!
G F Em7 Dm7 G F Em7 Dm7** Eb**
You'll be absolutely free, only if you want to be
F Dreaming on GM cushions of F velvet and GM satin
To F music by GM magic by F people that GM happen
To F enter the GM world of a F strange purple GM jello
F Gm F G (major)
The dreams as they live them are all mellow yellow

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