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Gary Allan - As The Crow Flies (akordy)

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D Well a gypsy C lady G once told me
Son you've D got the kind of C soul that's G got to be free
It D ain't what you C want, it's G just what you need

And like a black bird baby, you were born with wings
G And as a D crow flC ies, G so do I
D I can be C gone in the G blink of an eye
D Next town's C never too G hard to find
D C G (let ring)
It's never that far as a crow flies
G Well I D set it down in C Tennessee and G got a little juice
But I D caught myself a C case of them G Nashville blues
I D met a little C girl that G tried to tie me down

So I pointed it to Hollywood and put the hammer down
Repeat Chorus
D I live on the run, I C love on the prowl
I G never was much on hangin' around
I D never look C back, I G never look down

I never thought once about turnin' around
Repeat Chorus Twice

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