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Gary Allan - Forgotten, But Not Gone (akordy)

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HG er birthdayA came and went without a card D or a single I Love You,
On their anniversary she sD at all alone at a table set for two,
She tries her best to please him, but she never hears one singlD e word of
She feels just like a stranger in a home where love has seD en it's better days,
Chorus: A
Well, he's takin' her for granted
D God only knows why she keeps
hangin' on,
'CauG se it's better to be gone,
but not forgotten,
D A ThD an to be forgotten, but not
Somehow he can't rememberA when he's late to even take thD e time to call,
And even on the nights he's there, she gets tA he feelin', he's not there at
She's become a prisoner in that big old house, where sweD et love used to be,
Well it's not even over, D but Lord, she feels just like a memory,
Repeat chorus
Tag; 'Cause it's G better to gone but not forgotten, goneA but not forgotten,
D A D Than to be forgotten, but not gone.
This sounds pretty close, I hope that it helps you out. Have a great day!

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