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George Harrison - Dehra Dun (akordy)

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D dehra dehra dun, dehra dun dun
dehra dehra dun, dehra dun dun
dehra dehra dA un, dehra dun dun
dehra dehra dD un
A many roads can tC ake you there, G many different A ways
one direction taC kes you years, anG other takes yoE u dayA7 s
dehra dehra dun...
many people on the roads looking at the sights
many others with their troubles looking for their rights
dehra dehra dun...
see them move along the road in search of life divine
... beggers in a goldmine
dehra dehra dun...
many roads can take you there, many different ways
one direction takes you years, another takes you days
dehra dehra dun...

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