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George Harrison - Window Window (akordy)

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IG once knew a beautifulAM girl
She EM had long blonde hair in a AM curl
She G looked after F#M me, and I lEM ooked before hC er
Am C Am7 (000213) D
At that time it hadn't occurred
As G time turned my head and my AM mind
The EM pleasure seemed harder to AM find
By G then it was F#M such,
That I EM live for too C much,
Am C Am7 (000213) D
Now I stay home and slowly unwind
Now I G look out the window and AM see
I EM look out the window and AM see
I G look out the F#M window and sEM ee C
That I gAM et the feeling it dC oesn't see mG e ///C/G

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