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Greenhorns - Jesse James (akordy)

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Jesse GJames was a lad that Ckilled a many of Gmen
he robbed the Glendale Dtrain
he Gstole from the rich and Cgave to the Gpoor
with a hand and a Dheart and a Gbrain.

®: CJesse had a wife to Gmourn for his life
three children they were Dbrave
but that Gdirty little coward that Cshot Mr. GHoward
has laid poor DJesse in his Ggrave.

They say his brother Frank had robbed the Gallatin bank
and taken the money from the town
it was at that very place they had a little race
where they shot Captain Sheets to the ground.

It was Robert Ford that dirty little coward
I wonder what he does feel
though he’d eat of Jesse’s bread and he’d sleep in Jesse’s bed
still he laid poor Jesse in his grave.

It was on a summer night when Jesse stayed at home
with his loving wife so brave
Robert Ford came like a thief from the night
and laid poor Jesse in his grave.

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