I Believe

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Bm Is it too late A to go in peace, G I wonder how
how these things did Em start F# anyway
Maybe too Bm late to find a way, when the
A G (bass line can go G-F# just before Em)
trail of grief is marked with memories
Em Now when you're F# gone, the Em warmth
of the F# sun seems so Em far-a- F# way
Em I believe Dsus2 - in Csus2 everything I see, every
Em second is a miracle Dsus2 for Csus2 me Bsus2
I Em believe - Dsus2 after Csus2 sunshine comes the
rain, and when it's Em pouring down
the only Dsus2 thing I Csus2 feel Bsus2 is Em pain Asus2 Em Asus2
I walk alone through shapeless dreams
my only home is the wasteland that I cross
I close the door and turn the key
those days of joy are barely memories
Now when you're gone, your star will
shine on, wont you shine for me
I believe- in everything I see, every
second is a miracle for me
I believe- after sunshine comes the
rain, and when it's pouring down
the only thing I feel is pain
During the Chorus part Em is played for 3/4 only, then 1/4 of Dsus2 (5th fret)
comes then Csus2 (optionally for 3/4 with one Bsus2, or it can go for one beat)
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