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Hash - Brainwasher

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Interpret: Hash

Dĺžka piesne: 03:43

Hash - Brainwasher (text piesne)

Switching of the radio, throwing it away through the window
Left alone in present
Pornographic hypnosis diary’s sclerosis
Piercing this ordinary morning

Phrases of last night, meaningless night
Coming to power only today
I will bow down humbly, lament silently
I defy them
who want to brainwash me

Stare! Listen! Eat! You want what we`re giving, on and on
There`s enough space in the cage
Peck the shits from our palm, don`t hesitate
We will fatten you up

Democracy, Communism, ideas without visions
Machinery runs the world
Pervert wasters parasite inside us
Until they create mummies

They`re brainwashing you
Utterly, thoroughly
They`re doing it properly
They don`t care about anyone

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