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Devilish Girls Album version

Hash - Devilish Girls Album version

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Interpret: Hash

Dĺžka piesne: 03:09

Hash - Devilish Girls Album version (text piesne)

They came to my two girls and they where naked
They gave me obscene proposal I was amazed
They where sexy and they wanted me
I would be mad if I said no and went away

They kneeled down in front of me
They buttoned down my trousers and licked their lips
They where handly passionate and gentle
I was stroking their hair while they where doing their thing

They were Devilish Girls

When they stood up and said Darling we want it
Whitout hesitation I jumped at them
I couldn´t controle myself they attained power over me
But I didn´t care I gave myself over to extasy

They behaved outrageously
They played with me like I was ice cream
And when I though these devilish girls are finished
They got their windback and party still went on.

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