Hash - Good Bye

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Hash - Good Bye (text piesne)

Some people think that I´m a fool,
that I´m so funny with all those Rock and Roll ideals – without cheap appeals!
Because I don´t believe in commercials, all rubbish faces in TV which makes celebration of fake!
I want to say that this culture is rotten from basics and trying to break your will – look at opinions to feel it!
But we can kill this culture, think about Satan, use our will to free from slavery in our minds.

It´s time to say: goodbye, sweet lie! Goodbye!

Don´t you have a fear from news,
that you can end in it when you leave your flat? That everywhere is death?
Our heads exploding under pressure of invisible threat of punishment for our desire to change the world.

It´s time to say: goodbye, sweet lie! Goodbye!

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