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Heart - Desire Walks On (akordy)

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A7 Stand at the window
D7 Pull back the lace
I C7 feel the night wind on my face D7
A7 All that I long for - all D7 that I crave
C7 Am I master, Am I sD7 lave? A7
The nigD7 ht's so still
I fC7 eel the lovers out in the hills D7
The breA7 athing of young girls lying in beD7 d
C7 Visions of love in D7 their heads
Desire walks on F#M7 E D7
Desire walks on F#M7 E D7
A beautiful boy gazed in a pool
His eyes looking back like jewels
The call of the mirror - too strong to resist
The call of the water - the call of a kiss
Desire walks on
Desire walks on
It wants to be held - possessed
It wants consummation
It moves on obsessed
Blodstream through pipes
Singing in the wires
Heat - motion - control
Desire walks on
Stand at the window
The world is so still
Calling you back by force of will
Where did you go?
I don't know why
Too much longing inside
You wrapped me in nighttime sexual disguise
I was the love in your eyes
You took me over
My innocence cracked
You own my passion
I want you back
Desire walks on
Desire walks on
BB5 G5

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