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Heart - What About Love (akordy)

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I've been lonely DM BB
I've been waiting F for you C
I'm pretenDM ding and BB that's all I canF do C
DM The love I'm sendiBB ng
Ain't makingF it through to yC our heart BB
You've been hiding, neveD5 r letBB5 ting it sF5 how C5
Always trying tD5 o keeBB5 p it under conF5 trol C5
D5 You got itBB5 down and you're well F5
On the way toC5 the top BB5
But there's something C that you forgot
What about love F
Don't you want soBB meone to care about you C
What about love F
Don't letBB it slip away C
What about love F
I oBB nly want to share it with yC ou
You might nBB eed it someday
Guitar solo:
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

up ?

slide ~~~~~~~~~

up 1 up 1

C/D: 10x1098x
Bb/D: 10x81011x
G/D: xx0433

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