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High Five




WAKE UP (New single)

High Five - WAKE UP (New single)

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Interpret: High Five

Dĺžka piesne: 03:06

High Five - WAKE UP (New single) (text piesne)

Wake up to the cold white room
Looking out the window
See the neverending line
Breathing out that poisoned air

It‘s moving so slow
And yet so loud
Somewhere over the horizon
Making a filthy cloud

In this world
In this time
We‘re living somehow

Everyone one of us
Makeing his own world
Trying to make a shield

Verse 2.
Enter the glass and metal
Passing by the black and white
Too much of everything
Everyday and everynight

Just love all the little things
Which are hidden well
Hard to find them
I believe that they‘re here

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