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HIM - Vampire Heart (akordy)

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EmYou can't esCcape the wrath of my hEMeart,
beating Cto your funeral sGong G/F#, BM

All faith is lost, for hell regained
And love dust in the hands of shame, just be brave

C6Let me blDeed you this G5song, of my BMheart defoC6rmed
And lDead you aGlong, thisD path in the dC6ark
DWere I beEMlong, until IBM feel your waGrmthBM

EMHold me, like you hCeld on to Glife,
When all fCears came alGive, and entoDmbed me,
EMLove me like Cyou loved the Gsun
SCcorching the Gblood in my vDampire hEMeart

Ill be the thorn in every rose
You´ve been send by hope
I am the nightmare waking you up
from the dream a dream of love

Let me weep you this poem as heavens gates close
And paint you my soul, scarred and alone
I wait for your kiss to take me home

CHORUS in : (F#) (D) (A) (D) (A) (E)


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