I am Kloot: Akordy k piesni Darkstar

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Interpret: I am Kloot

I am Kloot - Darkstar (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Gm 355333
Bb 688766
C7 032310
Dbsus2 x46644
Cm 335543
Cm7 334343
F9 xx3243
F9/G xx3043
Am 355333
F 133211
Intro ]

Verse I ]
GM A dark star BB follows C7 me tonightDbsus2
CM Filled with CM7 horror F9 and deligF9/G ht
GM She's come tBB o make aC7 nother sonDbsus2
CM A brother foCM7 r the oF9 ther one,F9/G who's gone
Gm C7 Gm C7 Gm C7 Bb Am Gm F x2
Verse II ]
GM The black stBB orm on tC7 he pillow Dbsus2 there,
CM Is the colCM7 our of F9 her hair F9/G
GM Held by someBB strangeC7 gravity Dbsus2
CM Are my darCM7 k star F9 and me. F9/G
Verse III ]
GM A dark star BB follows C7 you tonighDbsus2 t, you're filled
CM With horroCM7 r and dF9 elight F9/G
GM You've come BB to make C7 another soDbsus2 n,
CM A brother CM7 for theF9 other onF9/G e
GM I hold a picBB ture of C7 your face,Dbsus2
CM in my memoCM7 ry in eF9 mbrace F9/G
GM With you I fBB ind I caC7 n't replacDbsus2 e
CM My dark stCM7 ar. F9 F9/G

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