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Jayhawks - Settled Down Like Rain (akordy)

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AM You came and you gC ave without taF king, the bC est was yet to cF ome
C I know, for G I was forsC aken
AM And so IC kept my fingers cF rossed to wiC n at any cF ost
the soC und of waG ter falling dF own
Bflat F C F(?) G
Knock me down, pick me up, send me in a row
AM Our words hung hC igh in the rafters, settF led dowC n like rain F
RemC ain hG appy ever afF ter
You packed up your bags and belongings and crept out thru the back
The sound of footprints on the ground
Your words hung high in the rafters and settled down like rain
remain happy ever after, happy ever after
From sylcab@dwp.ci.la.ca.us Thu May 15 16:55:06 1997
Date: Mon, 28 Apr 1997 22:02:45 -0700
From: Sylmar Converter Station Control Room
To: guitar@olga.net
Subject: Jayhawks
Settled Down Like Rain
By Jayhawks
by Chris (sylcab@ladwp.com)
Intro: F C G C C
Verse: Fmaj7 C Fmaj7 C
(1)came and you..gave..without taking.the.. best was yet to
(3) packed...up.your..bags.and belongings and crept out through the
(1Fmaj7 ) come....I C Know for..G I..was.. forC -saken..C ....and
(3) back...the sound of...footprints on the ground..your
(1)Fmaj7 ...so.... C I kept my fingers..Fmaj7 crossed...to..C win at any...
(3).words.. hung high in the..rafters and....settled down like
(1)Fmaj7 .cost..the C sound...oG f water fallin..F down...F ......
(3)..rain.. remain....happy ever .....after**(TO CODA)**
knBB ock me down pF ick me up C set me in a DM row.....G ... yoG ur
(2)Fmaj7 words....hC ung high in the Fmaj7 rafters..and C settled down like
(2)Fmaj7 rain......reC -main......G happy..everF after....F ........
kBB nock me down F pick me up C set me in a DM row.....G .... G
.F ..InsC trumeF ntal.C .. F C F C F C G G C
kBB nock me down F pick me up C set me in a DM row......G . G
To verse #(3)
**(CODA)** G F F C Dm C
happy ever after... END..

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