Joe Satriani

I Believe

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Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

Em C Dadd4
H sl sl sl

C Dadd4
sl sl

sl H sl

C Dadd4 C
sl sl H sl

Dadd4 Em P.M.-| P.M.
sl sl H

I`ve been out walking for hours. I`ve got something on my mind.
How did we get here? Where are we going?
And why is life so hard?
Em C Dadd4 C
~~~ ~~ ~~ H P sl

H P P sl

Part of bars 2 and 3 od the intro are repeated here, you can hear it clearly :)
Em I read the stories, see the Dadd4 photographs. C
World`s in a Dadd4 crazy Em space.
Em I`ve got to hold on C to Dadd4 my dreams. C Dadd4
There`s just no C other place. Dadd4
There`s just no C other place. Dadd4
G I believe D we can change Dsus4 D Dsus4 Cadd9 an G ything.
I believe Em7 Csus2 D we can Dsus4 rise Cadd9 above G it.
G I believe D Dsus4 D there`s a rea Dsus4 son for Cadd9 everyt G hing.
I believe Em7 Csus2 D Dsus4 in Cadd9 my dr G eam.
I`ve tried to match the words to the place where the chords are played to give
a rough idea of where Joe plays them. But you can get it best if you play it!
fade volume in---| P

~~~ H P P

~~~ P.M.~~~ Em sh sh sh sh ah

C P.M. Dadd4 P.M. C sh sh sh
sh sh~~~~ sh--| sl sl sl sl

Dadd4 Em play fill 1
sl sl sl sl sl

Fill 1

Other choruses
I`ve seen the shadows of the living.
I`ve seen them turn and walk away.
And I keep searching for the right words.
To send these thoughts away.
There`s a picture I like to look at.
A picture of a beautiful face.
And I see something in her eyes.
Sends me to a better place.
Send sme to a better place.
Thats as much as you need to play until the second solo for now. If you want the
second solo then let me know and I can add it :-) Have fun!
Frank. (
"I`m goin` crazy, but it`s alright"
-Joe Satriani