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Interpret: Kanye West

Kanye West - Dead As Yersterday (akordy)

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(D) It\'ll leave you(C7) with nothin\'(G) to say
(D)Lost without a(C7) way
Ain\'t it(G) funny child
(D)Love some(C7)times (G)leaves you
As(G,Emi) dead as(A) yester(D)day
Hoping to (C7)hold a handful of(G) sunshine
(D)Like a child(C7) told it(G) cannot play
(D)Never ever figured (C7)Lord love would(G) leave me feeling
As(G,Emi) dead as(A) yester(D)day

(Hmi)Lord could (A)you help me find some(G) shelter?
(Hmi)Lord could (A)you help me find some (G)shelter?

(D)It\'ll leave you feeling(C7) hollow &(G) helpless
And(D) there is(C7) where you\'ll(G) stay
Ain\'t it(D) funny child (C7)love sometimes (G)leaves you
As(G,Emi) dead as (A)yester(D)day

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