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Interpret: Kate Nash

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Kate Nash - Skeleton Song (akordy)

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A Skeleton you are my friend
F#M But you are made of E bone
(continues in a similar vein until the chorus)
Chorus: (chord changes are oddly timed here)
A And I should have known
That it F#M wouldn'tE be D long until you've
F#M Got me stE anding in anD awkwardA position with
F# Unwanted attenE tion and a nD eed for A explanation and it's
F# Not that IE 'm lettingD go of yA ou
F# But I dunnE o what to D do A
...Verse again. Chorus again.
Bridge: (strum faster)
DM And some
AM Times
DM At at at at at at at night
(and so on)
When it decelerates, start playing an A major chord instead, then slow down into the verse:
A ...And smash...
A But skeleton, F# you are my E friend...
It's one more go at the chorus, and then the song finishes, which is all easy enough.

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