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Interpret: Katy Perry

Katy Perry - Im Still Breathing (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

F Dm- - 133211 xx0231
Bb - x13331
GM C -- 355333 x32010

Verse 1:
F I leave the gas on walk
the alleys in the dark
DM sleep with candles
burning I leave
the door unlocked
BB I'm weaving a rope and
GM running all the red lights
did C I get your attention cause
I'm sending all the signs (that)
F the clock is ticking and
I'll be giving my two weeks
DM your favorite shade of black
you best prepare a speech
BB say something funny
GM say something sweet
but C don't say
that you loved me
Cause F I'm still breathing
DM And we've been dead for a while
this sickness has no BB cure
we're going down for GM sure
alC ready lost a grip
best abandoned ship
Interlude: F--Bb-F--Bb
Verse 2:
F Maybe I was too pale
mabye I was too fat
DM maybe you had better
better luck in the sack
BB no formal education
and I GM swore way to much
but I C swear you didn't
care cause we were in love
F so as I write this
letter and shead my last tear
DM its all for the better
than we had this year
BB lets close this chapter
GM say one last prayer
but C don't say that
you loved me
(Repeat Chorus twice)

...oh I'm still breathing...
...I'm still breathing...

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