Kenny Chesney

I Cant Go There

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CAPO 1!!
Intro: E, B Asus7
You k E now that restau B rant on highway Asus7 1
With the E key lime pie that B song the sand and the su Asus7 n
Where we F#m ran in our baref B eet
Built a c F#m astle on the bea B ch
Just the D wind,the rocks, the wave Asus7 s and you and me B
I can't go th E ere
Cuz C# thats just too much us
I can't Asus7 go there
F#m I still feel your to B uch
Theres D places in my F#m heart and here that f D eel as empty a F#m s our bed
So mo D st nights i dont Asus7 even walk upstairs B
Cuz I can't E go the B re Asus7
Remember San Francisco on that cable car
Our reflection in the window of that store
How we danced the night away
With the lights out on the bay
Then wound up in a blanket on the floor
I can't go there
Cuz friscos too much us
I can't go there
I still feel your touch
Now theres places in my heart and here that
still feel as empty as our bed
So most nights i dont even walk upstairs
Cuz i can't go there
If it was Asus7 only florida o B r California E
F#m Maybe I could let B myself m E ove on
F#m But its everywhere we've B been
An F#m d everywhere I B turn
F# I can't love again
Cuz i' B ve learned
That I can't go there
Its somethin i can't do
I can't go there
I'll run into you
I can't go there
Tim Mcgraw:
When the sun shines, when it rains
Christmas partys, football games
(Kenny:) I can't go there
(Tim:) Winter, summer, fall or spring
I see you in everything
I can't go there..
Its too much us
I can't go there
Feel Free to make any changes and let me know what you think.
It's a really good song! probably one of his best!