Killing Mimo - Scavengers

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Interpret: Killing Mimo

Killing Mimo - Scavengers (text piesne)

by Mimo

He never felt more alone
than in crowded places
where scavengers are hiding
among the smiling faces
watching out for words of
uncorrupted minds
harvesting every sign of weakness

Once the prey's identified
the voice is raised to
attract the attention
of the rest of vultures too
and as they're closing in
you slowly realize
true nature of their smiles

Ref: The scavengers are close
they watch you trying
to fight for your life
till there's no denying
that river of your luck
completely stopped to flow
they catch you on your knees
and deliver final blow

When it's hard to keep the pace
due to circumstances
that life inflicts on you
and you're loosing your senses
be careful who you trust
to whom you expose your wounds to
'cause the friend who's at your side
might not see the friend in you

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Killing Mimo