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Levellers - 100 Years Of Solitude (akordy)

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//// Bm |//// G |//// D |//// A
Bm (N.C) fade out w/vol or whatever
All around you slow decay
Wanna feel the sun of a new day
Forget all tme chances lost
Shedding innocence like falling dust
All the BM things you learned too G young
The BM songs you knew but G never sung
BM Waited a long time and G wasted more
ForD gotten what you A waited for
ExBM cuse me A ma'am for G being so rude
Feels like D 100 years of A solitude
My BM mind is A numb but my G mouth's ok
And you can lD isten or A walk away
Bm | G |D |A x2
Bm (N.C)
No solutions built to last
Just your petty scores to settle fast
The n.m.e was nothing to yG ou
And the mD aker, well the maA ker of who
This BM walkman geneG ration
In BM search of sweet sedG ation
While BM forests choke under a'G lever sky
And the eD xxon birds that'll A never fly
(BRIDGE) (in octaves) B D E

E We tried, we cried. We fell. We lied
This life's like a white knuckle ride
(N.C) G
Crack babies born too young
AndD l.a. kids who daA nce to the gun
So foBM rget this so called G dirt of mine
It's tust the BM dust and diesel of G passing time
It's BM all around you - a tG ragedy, look
So forD get the cover and A read the book.
Bm | G |D |A x2
E5 Palm Muted then as Bridge to End
Have fun!
oh if anyone can tell me what is meant by the whole "a'lever sky" and "exxon birds" (or any) bit
please tell me!
its been buggin me for ages

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