Levellers: Akordy k piesni Maid of the River

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Levellers - Maid of the River (akordy)

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She's the BM maid of the river
So D beautiful plain
As A fresh as the country
That BM gave her her name
As crips as the snow
And as D swift as the rain
She A shone like the sun
Before BM all of our games
She shone like a jewel
But her D price was not gold
She A cired more than most
When her BM story was told
But her people were evil
Left her D baron and cold
And her A heart went to market
Where her BM body was sold
I said : 'BM Hey, hey won't you D take me away
Cos I cA an't see the point
In the BM dawn of the day
So many killers gonna D take you away
They'll A leave nothing left except BM hatred'
She's the F# goddess of love
The BM goddess in green
The F# goddess of all
That BM I've ever seen
The F# goddess of hope
The BM goddess in brown
The F# goddess of all
That you've burned to the ground
There's all kind of hatred
Flows out of man's hands
There's the hatred that strangles
The throat of a man
But the worst of all hatred
Is that which is planned
Against what we have
In this goddess of land

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