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Levellers - Sell Out (akordy)

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A The year is 19C 91
G Seems our freedom is D dead and gone
A The power of the C rich is held by G few
A Keep the young ones C paralysed,
G Educated D by your lies
A Keep the old ones C happy with the G news
A Tell the singer not to C sing this song
G Tell the poet that D she?s wrong
A In the court you?ll C win the case with G lies
Coz you sold them down the river
A Do I belong to an C ancient race
G I like to walk in D ancient places
A These are things that C I can?t underG stand
A I do believe in your C modern ways
G Don?t care about the D things you say
Your A policies have C failed the test of G time
Coz you sold them down the river
Verse 2
In a land not far away
There are many prisoners coz they say
The colour of your skin is not the question
Did you rally to their side
Na you sat back and let them die
Don?t know how you get to sleep tonight
A Your money market goes C round and D round
A Pound goes up the dollar goes C down D
A Another south American forest C cut D down
A Need your pound for your new C town D
A You get scared when the boy C comes D down
A Can?t you tell me where C it is D we are bound

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