Lukas Vesely - One and all

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Interpret: Lukas Vesely

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Lukas Vesely - One and all (text piesne)

A hungry son takes his coat off
at his mother`s kitchen table
her childran all live so far now
but he comes home whne he`s able

Later a lover stands out in the rain
He`s hoping she`ll turn back and let their love begin again

RE:As i sing for one. so i sing for all
I am many people,i`m one, and all
Take a look a round you
Do you see your self?
Together,wherever your are

A brother drives a sister
To a border and says goodbye
A student`s writing a letter
It`s not easy, but he tries

Later a lover is taking a call
Throught her kisses she whispers
Let me be your world

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