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Mark Chesnutt - Beer Bait and Ammo (akordy)

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A Well now early one day I was on my way
To my D favorite fishin? hole
I?s thinkin? E I could sure use another bottle of booze
My baits a runnin? a little A low
Man a box of 12 gauge would be all the rage
And I?m all D liquored up and I?m feelin? good
Well E just up the road there was a place called Bubba?s
Man he?s got the A goods.
A And the sign said Beer, Bait, and Ammo yeah
They got D everything in between
They got E anything any old beer drinkin?
Hell-raisin bonified redneck nA eeds
They got your fishin? hooks they got your dirty books
They got your D rebel flag on the wall
Sign said E Beer, Bait, and Ammo yeah
You ask me they got it A all.
E A Well now when A I walked in I can?t even begin
To D describe just what I smelled
Lord was it the E catfish bait or something Bubba had ate
Was it them pickled eggs on the A shelf
With a toothless grin he said son step right on in
D Make yourself right at home, I said E no thank you man
With a 12 pack of cans and I?ll be good to A go.
Yes they do.
A D E A X2
E Sign said Beer, Bait, and Ammo yeah
You ask me they got it A all.

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