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Mark Chesnutt - Dont Want To Miss A Thing (akordy)

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G I could stay awakeD/F# just to hear you breaEM thing
C Watch you smile while you are G sleeping
AM While you're far away and dreaming
G I could spend my liD/F# fe in this sweet sEM urrender
C I could stay lost in thG is moment foAM rever
BM Where every moC ment spent with you
D Is a moment I treasure
G I don't wanna close D/F# my eyes
AM I don't wanna fall C asleep
G 'Cause I'd miss you
D And I don't wanna miss a thingG D
G 'Cause even when I dream of yoD/F# u
AM The sweetest dream will never do C
G I'd still miss you
D G D/F# Am (hold)
And I don't wanna miss a thing
G Lying close to you, D/F# feeling your heart beatinEM g
C And I'm wondering what your dreamG ing
AM Wondering if it's me your seeing
G And then I kiss your eyes, andD/F# thank God we're togetheEM r
BM I just wanna C stay with you
D In this moment forever
F I don't wanna miss one smile
C I don't wanna miss one kiss
EB Well, I just wanna be with you, right here with you
BB Just like this
F I just wanna hold you close
C Feel your heart so close to mine
GM And just stay here in this moment
D For all the rest of time
I think that's pretty close, at least that's the way I play it. Let me know
if there's any corrections.
This is a great version of a great song. It was originally written for
Barbara Streisand, but I like it anyway.
Donny Haltom
Radio/Television/Film Production
Sam Houston State University

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