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Interpret: Mark Chesnutt

Mark Chesnutt - Honky Tonk Heroes (akordy)

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D Low down leaving sun, I've D7 done did everything that needs G done
Woe is me, D why can't I B7 see, I E best be leaving well enough A alone
Them D neon light nights, couldn't stay out of fights
They keep a D7 hauntin? me and G memories
There is one in every crowd, for D cryin? out B7 loud
E Why was it always turnin? A out be me.
Where dD oes it go, the good Lord only knows
It D7 seems like it was just the other G day
I was D down at Green Gables, B7 hawkin? them tables
And E generally blowin? all my A hard earned pay
D Piano rolled blues, danced holes in my shoes
There D7 weren't another other way to G be
For loveable losers, and D no account B7 boozers
And E Honky Tonk Heroes likeA me.

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