Mark Chesnutt: Akordy k piesni ill think of something

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Interpret: Mark Chesnutt

Mark Chesnutt - ill think of something (akordy)

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I D don't know how to D/C# get her off my miBM nd,
But give me tG ime, and I'll think of somD ethingC .
I cD an't say today D/C# that I'm alrBM ight, A
But by toG night, I'll think of soD mething. D
I'll fiA nd so many things to do that G I won't have
the tA ime to think of heD r.
And tA hen if she's still on my mind I'll tG ry to
drink enoA ugh to.... [Bm drown the hurt
And if that don't wG ork, I'll think of sD omething. C
Where D do I go D/C# for lovin' I still nBM eed, A
Now that I'm fG ree, I'll think of soD mething. C
And D if someday byD/C# accident we mBM eet, A
and I can't spG eak, I'll think of soD mething. D

If A I can't say a word to her G I'll blame it on this
luA mp that's in my tD hroat.
And staA ndin' there what will I do to hG ide my love
enA ough that it don't sBM how--
I don't kG now, but I'll think of soD mething.
I dG on't know,
I dD on't know how to D/C# get her off my mBM ind, A
but gG ive me time, and I'll think of sD omething.C
Andrew Lowry

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