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Marvin Gaye - Lucky Lucky Me (akordy)

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Lady BB Luck shows my AB love me
Oh, When she BB blessed me with your loving AB charms
I've found BB my place in the AB sun
With BB heaven right here in your AB arms
I feel so EB lucky, so lucky Db baby
Oh, EB lucky to be loved by Db you
And I BB wanna thank you, thank you AB baby
For all theBB little loving things you AB do
I got toF tell the world about EB it
I've got toF stand right up and shout EB it
Hey! Look at BB lucky me F
Ooh, BB babyAB Ooh, BB baby F
I don't BB mind stormy wAB eather
The BB rain no longer makes me AB blue
And I don't BB care when my friends all get toAB gether
And leave meBB out of everything they AB do
It's alEB right if the sun don't Db shine
It's imEB possible to darken my Db day
Makes no BB difference if I don't have a AB dime
BB I'll be wealthy anyAB way
Mmm,F I'm no good withEB out you
But listen baby,F as long as I EB got you
Hey! Look at lucky BB me F
Hey! Ooh, BB baby
In my C life there's BB no misfortune
NoC struggle or strife toBB day
You're my C lucky charm, my guidBB ing star
So just C smile and chase them blues aBB way
I can't F help it baby, you're so EB wonderful
Oh, How F lucky can a-one man EB be
Oh, your C tenderness and BB sweet caress,
And it C all belongs to BB me
I wannaG tell the world abF out it
I wannaG stand right up and shout F it
Hey! Look at C lucky me G
C Bb (rpt. to fade w/vocal ad lib)

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