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Marvin Gaye - The Onion Song (akordy)

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The F# world is F#7 just a H great H/B big AsM onion.
And pain and F# fear,
Are the sEsM pices that make you AsM cry.C#
Oh, and the F#maj7 only way to get F#7 rid,
Of this H great H/B big AsM onion.
Is to AM7 plant EsM love AsM seeds,
Until it E dies, uh H huh.
Verse 1:
Hey F# world!
We got a E great big H job to F# do.
E Yeah, H we need F# you,
And every-E body H pull us F# through.F#7
Bridge 1:
F#7 Don't you know we've,
Got to H clean up this place,
And Hdim reach for a higher EsM goal, yeah.
(Valerie): Yes we As7 do now.
We gotta F# be headstrong,
About EsM rightin' the wrong,
And make a E mountain,
Of happy C# souls, oh,
(Marvin):C#7 Oh...
Chorus 2:
The F# world is F#7 just a H great H/B big AsM onion,
And F# I don't care,
It's the EsM face people like to AsM wear.
(Valerie): Yes it C# is now.
Oh, and the F#maj7 only way to get F#7 rid,
Of this H great H/B big AsM onion;
AM7 Every EsM single AsM soul's,
Got to do their E share,
H Uh huh.
Verse 2:
So come F# on,
Let's E knock on H every F# door.
E Tell them H love,
Is the F# answer,
E Whether they're,
H Rich or F# poor,F#7 oh yeah.
Bridge 2:
For we don't H care,
What you do, how you Hdim look,
Or your status EsM claim, baby.
(Valerie):As7 No no.
Because F# brothers and sisters,
EsM From now on,
Is E gonna be everybody's C# name, oh, EsB oh.

Chorus 3:
The G world is G7 just a C great C/C big CM onion.
And pain and G fear,
Are the EM spices that make you ABM cry. EsB
(Valerie):EsB Yes it is.
Oh, and the Gmaj7 only way to get G7 rid,
Of this C great C/C big GM onion;
Is to HM plant EM love ABM seeds,
(Marvin): Now everybody,
Got to HM plant EM love ABM seeds.
(Valerie): Come on and,
HM Plant EM love ABM seeds,
(Marvin): Until it F dies. C
The AsB world is AsB7 just,
A C great C/C big AsB onion.

F# F#7 H H/B AsM EsM
EsADGBE 320003 EsADGBE 323000 EsADGBE x32010 EsADGBE x20010 EsADGBE x02210 EsADGBE 022000
C# F#maj7 AM7 E Hdim As7
EsADGBE xx0232 EsADGBE 3x443x EsADGBE x24232 EsADGBE 133211 EsADGBE xx1212 EsADGBE x02223
C#7 EsB G G7 C C/C
EsADGBE xx0212 EsADGBE 6654xx EsADGBE 466544 EsADGBE 464544 EsADGBE x46664 EsADGBE x3666x
EsADGBE 466444 EsADGBE 133111 EsADGBE x13321 EsADGBE x35543 EsADGBE 244322
Tabbed by Joel from cLuMsY, Bristol, England, 2007

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