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Matt Redman - Better Is One Day (akordy)

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How lE ovely is Your dwelling place,
A2 oh Lord AlmiBsus ghty
ME y soul longs and even faints for YBsus ou
For hE ere my heart is satisfied,
A2 within Your preBsus sence
I sE ing beneath the shadow of Your wBsus ings
Better is oA2 ne day in Your courts
Better is oBsus ne day in Your house
Better is oA2 ne day in Your courts
Than thousands eBsus lsewhere
One thE ing I ask and I would seek,
A2 to see Your beaBsus uty
To fE ind You in the place Your glory dwBsus ells
C#M7 My heart and flesh cry oBsus ut,
A for You the living GBsus od
C#M7 Your spirit's water fBsus or my soulA Bsus
C#M7 I've tasted and I've sBsus een,
A2 come once again to me
C#M7 I will draw near to You
A2 I will draw near to YoA2/F#M u

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