Matt Redman: Akordy k piesni Dancing Generation Acoustic

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Interpret: Matt Redman

Matt Redman - Dancing Generation Acoustic (akordy)

Transpozícia ( -2 -1 0 +1 +2 )

(verse:) Your meD rcy taught us how to Dance, to celBM ebrate w/ all we have,
and we'll dG2 ance to thank you for meD2 rcyDM/F . Your glD ory taught us how to shout,
we'll lBM ift your name in all the earth, and we'll sG2 hout to the praise of your
glD2 ory. DM/F
(Pre-Chorus:) Its the oveEM rflow of a for-gD/F# iv-en soul,G and G2 now we've sG een
you God,G6 Gmaj7 Our hearts Asus cannot stay siA -lent
(Chorus:) and we'll D be a dancing generation, daEM7 ncing because of your great
mercy lG ord, your great mercy loD rd Dsus D Dsus
and we'll D be a shouting generation, shoEM7 uting because of your great glory
G D Dsus D Dsus Dm (to verse)
Lord, your great glory lord.
D Dsus D D2 D (ending)

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